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Neurosurgeons Know Spine Surgery

Making the decision to move forward with spine surgery requires careful consider of who will perform your procedure. With one of the most extensively fellowship-trained spine surgery neurosurgeons in the country, South Denver Neurosurgery’s neurosurgeons hold the unique qualifications to safely and effectively treat your back and neck pain.

While it’s true that an array of surgeons can often complete spine surgeries, choosing a neurosurgeon to perform your spine surgery offers unique expertise and benefits. Neurosurgeons, like those at our spine center, undergo up to six years more of specialized training than other surgeons. Neurosurgeons, as compared to orthopedic spine surgeons, have specific expertise with nerves to ensure consideration is given to the central and peripheral nerves during surgery. This maximizes your success of minimizing pain. Neurosurgeons offer a level of precision and familiarity with the nerves that other surgeons lack, giving you the extra peace of mind of knowing that your entire body is in good hands.


About South Denver Neurosurgery's Spine Center

If you are a candidate for spine surgery in the Denver or Littleton area, you can be assured that South Denver Neurosurgery’s fellowship-trained, highly educated and experienced neurosurgeons have your back.


Dr. GuiotBernard Guiot, MD

Dr. Guiot is one of the most highly trained spine surgeons in the Rocky Mountain region, having completed three specialty spine fellowships – one in pediatric spinal deformity and two in adult reconstructive surgery – and performed thousands of spine surgeries over the past 20 years. Dr. Guiot specializes in all aspects of spine care, including non-operative and operative management of spinal problems and complex spinal reconstruction utilizing minimally invasive and robotic guided surgical techniques. He also specializes in treating sacroiliac joint pain, which is the underlying cause of one-third of back pain cases. Click here for Dr. Guiot’s complete bio and research.


Dr. PrallJ. Adair Prall, MD

Board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery, Dr. Prall is a leader in his field with more than 20 years of neurosurgical experience. He is experienced in all types of cranial and spinal surgery and specializes in minimally invasive and motion preserving spine surgery. Dr. Prall also has extensive experience with both benign and malignant spinal tumors and works closely with medical oncologists to use chemotherapy and immunotherapy for treatment. Click here for Dr. Prall’s complete bio and to view a video featuring Dr. Prall.



Dr._VanSickle.jpgDavid P. Vansickle, MD, PhD

Dr. VanSickle is board qualified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery and specializes in minimally invasive and motion preserving spine surgery, spinal disorders, spinal cord stimulator implantation for pain as well as deep brain stimulation surgery, functional neurosurgery, neuro-oncology and epilepsy surgery. Click here for Dr. VanSickle’s complete bio and a video featuring Dr. VanSickle. 



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