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Spine Surgery Patient Gets Quicker Recovery with Less Pain

Posted by NeurosurgeryOne on Nov 3, 2019 6:27:12 PM

Same surgery. Same surgeon. Same hospital.

You really can’t blame Dee Vashus for expecting the recovery from her May 2019 lumbar surgery to be the same as it was when Denver neurosurgeon David Vansickle, M.D., performed the same procedure nearly 10 years ago.

But instead, thanks to a new program at NeurosurgeryOne and Littleton Adventist Hospital, the experience was like night and day in terms of reducing her postsurgical pain and easing her recovery.

Although Dee’s outcome isn’t a perfectly controlled experiment, her results do tell a very compelling story. She believes that the difference in her recovery can be directly attributed to a new program called ERAS, which stands for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. ERAS is designed to get patients home from the hospital sooner, decrease their use of opioids and other narcotic pain medications after surgery, and get them back to regular activities as soon as possible.

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