Spine Surgery Options

The expert neurosurgeons at South Denver Neurosurgery have performed thousands of spine surgeries. They currently offer nearly every type of spine surgery. When possible, they utilize minimally invasive techniques that help you recover faster with less pain. We also utilize robotic guidance to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. Most importantly, we carefully screen all patients to ensure that back surgery is the right option to provide relief to your back pain and neck pain. We will always provide you with a complete understanding of the pros and cons of our recommendations as well as provide you with the scientific research on which we are basing our decisions. 

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Spine Fusion

Spine fusion is one of the most common spine procedures being performed today. While it is common, it is a surgery that should be carefully considered. The four neurosurgeons at South Denver Neurosurgery's spine center have extensive experience in spine fusions and carefully examine each patient’s individual situation to determine if fusion is the right surgery, when is the right time for surgery, and what results can be anticipated.

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